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Joseph Swan: retour sur le millésime 2014

«Well, the 2014 harvest is in the books. It began on the 26th of August with Chardonnay from Ritchie Vineyard (the Kent the Younger vines) and finished on October 7 with syrah from Solas and zinfandel from VHSR Redux.


A total of 41 days from first pick to last, a modern day record for us! The last fermenters were put to bed on November 6. Along the way there were more than a few surprises. Nothing seemed to follow the usual script. Vineyards ripened out of their usual order. In one three day period we brought in syrah, tannat, zinfandel, pinot noir and petite sirah. In 2013 more than a month separated those same grapes! Trying to keep track of things got to be really mentally draining. There were no logical patterns. Syrah from nearly adjoining vineyards came in 10 days apart. It took us nearly a month to bring in all of the pinot noir and the vineyards are no more than 3 miles from ours! Chardonnay stretched out to over 5 weeks. And the cabernet from our Estate came in before the middle of October, an unexpected and very welcome event.

The one, and possibly only, common thread in this year’s harvest is the quality. While it is really too early to get a total read on what is in store, every winemaker I have talked to is really ecstatic about this years potential. Once again it looks as if Mother Nature has dealt us a winning hand!»



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oel Peterson, Joe Swan & Andre Tchelistcheff

Joel Peterson, Joe Swan & Andre Tchelistcheff

Le domaine, un secret bien gardé.

Rod Berglund

Russian River Valley

Barrel tasting weekend hogging all the space!

Dégustation des vins en fûts

Photo de Montréal gazette

Rod & Lynn


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